Mini Transylvania Park

In order to promote and boost tourism in Szeklerland we have realized a Mini Transylvania Park at Băile Seiche where visitors can see more than 90 models of historical monuments and medieval castles in Transylvania. In this park both adults and children can spend a meaningful day, among other interesting things they can make a round trip traveling by the mini Szekler steam locomotive, visiting the Orbán Balázs Visitor Centre and will be able to ride with a buffalo cart unique in Europe (soon).

Balázs Orbán Visitor Center



Book and map "Székelyföldi Legendárium" (hungarian)
The book and map can be also purchased separately, but we have a special offer for these two products!
62.00 LEI
Legendarium mug 1
15.00 LEI
Board game for kids (hungarian)
The pack contains 4 pawns, a dice, 4 little bags, a treasure chest, 12 pieces of treasure, a game board and the game rules.
71.00 LEI