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The Wooden Church of Şurdeşti – The Jewel of Maramureş

The wooden church in Şurdeşti, with its 54-meter high tower, is one of the tallest in Europe. The church was probably commissioned by the Greek Catholic Church in 1721, and it was built by the great master carpenter Macarie. The single-nave, rectangular church has a longitudinal layout. There leads a columned, open porch and a narrow foyer into the nave. The most spectacular part of the building is the square-shaped, columnar tower with a belt ledge around its centre. A gallery with a sawn ornament surrounds the level of an open bell. The four-towered, stacked roof is covered with shingles. The interior of the church is decorated with murals from 1783. Today, the church is again owned by the Greek Catholic Church. Since 1999 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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